Solartarium is an experimental structure that explores our perception of our surroundings and the changing solar path through the summer. Built as a camera obscura, Solartarium will project images of the outdoor surroundings into a darkened interior space in real time. Immediately upon leaving the outdoors and stepping over the threshold into the darkened interior, the world as we see it is flipped upside down. The mechanism of a camera obscura has long been known and the projected image is by principle upsidedown, similar to a single lens reflex camera. Leonardo da Vinci observed that the human eye worked much like the camera obscura, in that the human eye perceives the world up-side-down. Solatarium takes the visitor back to our initial perception of the environment around us, encouraging us to reinvent the way the world looks. Being inside the camera obscura allows one to visualize what the world would be like if our brains did not reverse the imagery our eyes take in. When in the forest one normally walks amongst the tree trunks, in Solatarium one is given the opportunity to stand amongst the tree tops.


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