The beaver has returned to urban waterways in Calgary, Chicago and the Bronx building dams and lodges and creating wetland ponds. Once ubiquitous across North America, the beaver population declined drastically due to the successful fur trade, with numbers currently around 10% of an estimated 100 to 200 million in the 1800s. Montreal played a strategic role as a fur trading post and the western terminus of the Lachine Canal is a national historic site commemorating this founding resource.

This proposal engages history, ecology, and bio-engineering in the design for a beaver lodge and habitat at the eastern terminus of the Lachine Canal. While providing habitat for a native species along an urban waterway, the pioneer tree and shrub species are also known phytoremediators for typical pollutants found in industrial sites.

Winning Entry
Griffintown Interrupted Design Competition
Montreal, QC., 2010


Castor Redux


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